Our Vision

The SEIIS Research Lab is part of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics (co-located and operating with the Department of Electrical Engineering) at the Cyprus University of Technology. It is a newly established lab (moved from the Dept. of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus) that carries out research activities and studies in several sub-areas of Software Engineering and Intelligent Information Systems. These areas can be found in page Research Areas.

The director the lab is Professor Andreas S. Andreou. The research work and efforts of the lab’s members and collaborators aim at producing high quality research results, many of which have already been published in various scientific journals, as well as conference and workshop proceedings. In addition, the lab hosts students working closely with its members on topics of its interests in the context of both theses leading to the award of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Finally, members of the lab have participated in a number of funded projects, both at national and European level.

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