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About SmartGov

‘Smart Cities’ provide new ways of designing and managing public services, infrastructure, sustainable mobility, economic development and social inclusion. However, two-way communication between citizens and urban policymakers is lacking strongly. This is partly the result of underutilization of citizens’ Social Media feeds and useful Open Data sets. The SmartGov project aims to create new support tools that effectively incorporate Linked Open Data and Social Media into Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs). FCMs are a useful modelling and visualization tool for discussing policy scenarios between citizens and governments. The developed tools will be tested and implemented in four European cities.


  • Cyprus University of Technology
  • Danube University Krems
  • Delft University of Technology
  • OTB – Research for the Built Environment
  • ACTIVE Solution Ingenieurbüro AG
  • Interfusion Services Ltd
  • Kenus Informática
  • Limassol Municipality
  • Ayuntamiento de Quart de Poblet