(PhD) Candidate Researcher

Michalis Pingos

About Spyros Loizou

Email: michalis.pingos@cut.ac.cy

Michael Pingos completed his BSc degree in Computer Engineering and Informatics from Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). Currently, he is MSc student in Data Science and Engineering. He is a member of the Software Engineering and Intelligent Information Systems Research Lab (SEIIS) located at CUT and his conducting research and discovering findings and possible uses in the field of Software Engineering. His interests are mainly focused in the area of Software Engineering and more particular, in Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 as well as in techniques and mechanisms of Cyber-physical system, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Cognitive computing. Furthermore, he is working in EU projects as DOSSIER-CLOUD (H2020-TWINNING) for DevOps-based Software Engineering for the Cloud and Interreg / ΕΠΙΡΡΟΗ.