Project information

  • Category: EU Project

About Naviation du Savoir

The general objective of this project is to promote and safeguard the historical-archaeological wealth and resources of the Mediterranean dockyards. This will be carried out through the development of a multimedia portal, which will integrate the historical content provided by seven Mediterranean countries (Cyprus, Italy, Spain, France, Malta, Tunisia and Algeria). The content is categorized into three logical parts:

  • Material wealth (dockyards, buildings, ships, ports, roads)
  • Immaterial wealth (science, arts and crafts, traditions)
  • Submarine wealth (submerged findings)

The expected results of the project are:

  • To develop a network for the co-operation amongst schools, training centres, and laboratories at a European and South Mediterranean level concluding with a period dedicated to the cultural exchange and itinerant learning.
  • To enhance the quality of professional training courses within the Mediterranean area, fostering the skills and the exchange of the experiences and knowledge of handicraft arts dealing with the maritime sector.