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About Genesis

During the last years there has been substantial technological progress in the area of e-Business, in the European Union and internationally. However,despite the fact of the e-Business evolution, the penetration of new internet-based technologies in the business environment is limited, especially in countries where the majority of enterprises lies in the area of small and medium (SMEs) or very small enterprises (VSEs).

The main target of the GENESIS project is the research, development and initial, pre-competitive application of the needed methodologies, infrastructure and middleware software components that will allow the typical, usually small and medium, European enterprise to conduct its Business transactions over Internet, by interconnecting its main transactional software applications and systems with those of collaborating enterprises, banking/social insurance institutions and governmental bodies, with respect to the evolving legal and regulatory status.

The objectives of the project GENESIS are the following:

  • Analysis of the legal and statutory framework in EU, new EU member states and associated countries,
  • Modelling of the typical business transactions of SMEs,
  • Design and development of protocols and data formats for interoperation of enterprise applications.
  • Development of the necessary central infrastructure and distributed interconnection components for enterprise applications.
  • Pilot application following the GENESIS piloting methodology.
  • Dissemination of the results towards Software Vendors, Governments, Universities and Enterprises, as well as towards local and international standardisation bodies.