Project information

  • Category: EU Project
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Project date: 01 January 2016 – 31 December 2019


The project aims at a completely new approach to traditional politics. Major innovations like multi-channel social computing and crowd-sourcing change the way politicians communicate with citizens and enterprises, and thus improve theirdecision-making. The system automatic collects, analyses and interprets on a large scale opinions expressed in the Internet. FUPOL enables governments to gain a better understanding of the citizens´ needs by engaging them in the decision making process. Likewise, the software simulates the effects of policies and laws, and assists governments throughout the entire policy design process. FUPOL develops innovative integrated ICT solutions that facilitate:

  • The modelling and simulating of urban policy initiatives
  • Taking all relevant parameters into account providing an integrated view on the policy domains
  • Performing societal simulations as well as modelling concepts to forecast potential impacts of proposed policy measures
  • Developing tools that identify emerging societal trends with non-classical economic modelling.

In order to support the policy life-cycle, the FUPOL framework offers major innovations, namely multichannel social computing, policy-topic sensing and extraction, advanced visualisation (by using integration with GIS), multi-lingual semantic analyses, advanced policy modelling and model repository, dynamic agent-based simulation, cloud computing and IMS-supported crowd sourcing.


The FUPOL consortium consists of 17 partners from 11 EU-countries (Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, FYROM, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Spain and the UK), as well the cities of Yantai (China) and Mtwapa (Kenya). FUPOL is led by Cellent and comprises innovative multinational companies, leading research institutes, high-level political organisations as well as strong pilot partners.